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04 January 2006

sick and going horribly wrong?

*snif* me nose been running like a open hose.. must have a glass of water every 2-3 hour.. if not i'll get really dry.. *snif* and from all the tissue i used i think i've cut down a dozen tree.. (joking..) anyway finally em going back to see a doctor now.. i thought the flu would be gone in a few day.. but still this is the 4th day that em sick.. still with a little bit of fever.. and 2day ago my uvula swollen.. everytime i swallow anything it would hurt like hell.. *sigh* looks like the infection gone quite bad..

anyway my colleague watched some flash short story that is abit horrendously(sort of funny..) show.. if u seen south park how kenny die.. this is like 5x more how kenny would die
Happy Tree Friends children bewared, also not for the those with weak hearted.. so u have been warned..
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