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03 January 2006

Happy? New Year

Happy new year everyone.. but u won’t see me with smiley face when I say happy new year.. coz I started my new year with a running nose and fever .. laying in bed “moaning”.. what a way to start the year.. well actually it wasn’t that bad.. since ther’re not much stuff todo (and no one bother to call me for any activities :p except they ran out of TV series and have to resolve to call me to take the following episode.. ok ~kidding.. don’t kick me ass.. )

anyway.. dint go out.. but thinking I might just take a stroll to the park or something like that.. than again.. this few day been raining.. staying at home still best choice.. but who em I kidding.. holiday spending time recuperating?.. gee what a wasted holiday aren’t it.. :p

still.. last day(yesterday) b4 going back to work.. manage to drag my ass out for a movie “perhaps love” it’s the best Chinese movie I’ve seen comparing to all the Chinese movie I’ve seen last year..

nuf said.. need to go blow me nose.. who want wanntan?
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