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11 August 2005

ur sorry ass..

Well.. *cough* excuse me.. *cough*.. *grimace* excuse me, it's the haze.. just my neighbor country caught a few hundred forest fire which started from some farmer for quickly and cost effectively clear there land for plantation, that they made it an annual event.. and there government official would get away with just a sorry..


Well call me selfish if u want.. so here is my thought

SORRY ?? Well I don’t give a fuck about what u have to say.. u can take that SORRY and shove it up ur ass.. so u say u’ve implement heavy penalty/punishment (even so call death.. kiss my ass)..
look here..


I don’t. so.. what that that bring us back to? ur bloody forest fire.. u better start putting out the fire if u want me to go put out the fire.. I will come over.. but not to putout fire but to set fire on ur ass..


the star poll

1) Should schools be ordered to close temporarily, in view of the hazardous air quality?
A) Yes, the health of our children is at stake
( so as everybody’s so WTH em I still going to work.. all get ur ass back home.. )
B) No, we can keep the children indoors at school
( have u seen the class room? i bet me ass u din't.. I can even smell the burn from an air-con building.. siau~eh go home~lah)
C) I'm not sure
( for what I care u can go burn ur self with the forest fire..)

2) Should the Malaysian Government offer to help Indonesia put out the fires behind the haze?
A) Yes, we need to do everything we can to help out
( our ass in on the line what do u think?.. like they give a dam if we suffocate )
B) No, the responsibility rests on Indonesia alone
( that’s rite there are not getting away with it every year using our resource just because there farmer wan a quick & cos effective to made a living?.. )
C) I'm not sure
for what I care u can go burn ur self with the forest fire.. or i come set ur ass on fire..)


Back to our back yard.. wow “blow me” API level gone up to 500+point.. in some area.. and what is this

The people wanted the Air Pollution Index (API) released and the Government did so on the order from the Cabinet. thestar

We have to ask? only u guy at parliament sign the release form is it? What The FUCK.. what on earth is going on here.. u guys are supposed to take care of us.. u over feed PIG head.. and don’t get me started on another.. Approved Permits (AP) controversy.. CB..

PS. long term exposure to vulgar blog can severely effect ur normal blog entry.. :p
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3 people commented:

Vad3r said... August 11, 2005 4:01 PM

wahh u sound like FA !!

Jack0 said... August 11, 2005 4:09 PM

lack of suntan.. and i miss the moon & stars..

cyber-red said... August 12, 2005 3:17 PM

has somebody been hanging around with FA a lot?