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12 January 2006


haha.. sorry to my faithful reader for not been getting my act together to update this old boring life of mine.. gee.. well if u guys must know.. last weekend was pretty much as following..

I can’t quite remember what I dit that nite..
I can recall after office going back around 730 slightly Rainey.. badly jammed while going out off office area.. and along the way back rain start poring down some more.. Ii do recall arrive back home.. than what I dit that nite.. blur..

Afternoon.. badminton as usual.. afterward we gone to PJ state for duck rice..
nite.. after having dinner was goofing around online.. had a few round of msn orgy chat than.. off to regular for a drink.. invited a newly known fren sarah to join us.. and some few other fren over.. it was an unexpectedly crowdy nite.. but wait.. its saturday .. its supposed tobe crowded.. so after being pin balled around by them and mingle around.. calling a nite around 3:30am

wake~up.. late noon.. to try to salvage the remaining weekend.. off to KL to try my luck to get some update on the comic.. which resulted with abit disapointment that they dint update there stock.. yet.. than off to low yatt and bought some CD.. my life has such dull sequence *sigh* so got off.. on the way back called cyrus for dinner.. since his been calling me far a few day now.. and found out that he also just got back from low yatt he got him self a game.. so i drop by his place for a few round of his newly bought game.. than off to dinner.. and have discussion on latest update of the game industry.. have a look at this.. Spore (developed by EA-owned Maxis Studio) is something to look forward for this year..

more to come.. brb
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