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03 July 2006

she called

20060701 Saturday
Morning.. a call awake me.. it's a ringtone that Hasn’t been heard for a long time.. quickly got up.. looked at the screen.. a familiar name at the screen.. a looked at the time.. 1152am.. there was a 2sec hesitation.. and than I take the call..

She say “hi.. “ I awkwardly reply her with a “hello~ hi..” she say “its me, shereen, remember me?” .. “of cause I remember.. how are u been?” i quickly reply..

She told me that she be leaving Malaysia in two week time.. leaving as in moving away for good.. and so this mobile number will be cut off.. than she cheerfully told me if I wanna see her I’d had to go find her at Sydney..

and so the conversation goes on..

So.. she’s leaving for good.. I know this day would come.. knowing it since we get to know each other three year ago.. but I wasn’t really been in touch with her this recent year.. I’ve keep my self busy with stuff/work..
i know what a lousy excuse it was..

and so.. entire noon was just a blank shell running around.. fetched me sister to her college noon class.. and drag me self to USJ summit and hangout at weelin shop killing time b4 going back to fetch me sister home.. and by the time I look at the time it was 545pm.. suddenly I realize that I miss a meetup at the kickboxing class at PJ.. Xaviera told me yesterday.. but I forgotten all about it.. and so I drown my self in front of PC online.. till later uncle ed sms that he be around Bernard@BUcentrepoint so moved my ass there for England vs Portugal.. England loss to Portugal in the penalty shoot.. 3:1.. and we left after that game..

I wasn’t about to go back home.. was abit hungry so snatch ramly burger and end up at KY place for brazil vs France.. I was dozing off most of the time.. keke.. and so.. amazingly France kicked in the first goal which was also the only goal for the match.. I still cant believe it..
what a interesting match it turn out to be.. and so that conclude the night activities..
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5 people commented:

visithra said... July 03, 2006 4:28 PM

How come footie didn't creep up in ydays conversation? Lol

damn my team went down - sob sob - but ten got to see eng go too - yayyyyys

had fun meeting ya ;)

Jack0 said... July 03, 2006 4:51 PM

ky: hehe.. u dint know i was dozing off ~leh... kekeke..

visithra: u wanna talk about footie? OMG.. we would end up having dinner there… tsk~tsk~tsk..

weeltoh said... July 03, 2006 5:52 PM

is good to see portugal kick england's ass....long life magic coach scolari..

visithra said... July 04, 2006 10:33 AM

hehe we would have ;) well im rooting for the germans tonight