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02 December 2005

wrong SMS

sory! sy gune nset mbe sy, so sy lupe no die. sy nk cpt.

em betting a bottle of vodca to who ever give me a rite translation on the above sentence :D

so give up yet?
ok.. no one know.. so no vodca for u all..
read below.. it will made more sense..

i wanted to post the on the 9th of NOV(which is the date recive this SMS..) but i was buzy.. and i've totaly forgot about it untill i read FS recent blog.. keke..

here is what actually happen.. i was driving down to sunway at that time.. and i recive a call.. by the time em about to pickup the phone.. it hangup.. (could be a miss call sinario.. and wtf with maxis line now a day.. i get like 3-5 wrong number in a month.. so dint give a fark.. ) a min later an sms i recive.. it say something like.. "bring along his/her home work when u come"( i deleted the msg.. its in malay *short form*..) ~.~ wtf?.. so i replayed "sorry but u got the wrong person.. pls double chack with the person who give u this number" than the reply above..

i have to look 3-4 time to make up what this fella try to say.. ish.. *pening*
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4 people commented:

Vad3r said... December 02, 2005 8:52 AM

sorry ! saya guna handset member saya, so saya lupa nombor dia, saya nak cepat.


Jack0 said... December 02, 2005 11:44 AM

ish.. i give clue ~geh.. so u only get two pine of guinness.. lol.. :p

Vad3r said... December 02, 2005 11:53 AM

clue my ass, i dint even scroll down, i got the moment i read that line :p

ok la, Guinness will do !!

Vlad said... December 03, 2005 1:50 PM

Fuck where was I when this great offer was put down.