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23 December 2005

a play a taste a day b4 xmas eve

Got a call late noon from Xav asking if i wanna watch a play.. at the Kuala lumpur performing art centre @ sentul Park.. at 830pm.. she got free ticket.. intresting.. this was some how my first play that I ever watch.. don’t know what to expect..

anyway b4 that my excolleague C.C.K was nearby my working area for an inter view and called me out for yumcha after I got off work.. coz other ex colleague of his was working nearby also.. ok.. getting abit confuse.. bottom line is that me have dinner with my ex-colleague.. while waithing for uncle ed to appear to pickup me lazy don’t wanna drive ass and headed to the play..

we got there fairly on time.. it was great.. wait.. dit I told u the title of the play? Humm .. its Cinderella.. with Graceland background/theme/musical cool.. ELVIS is alive!!!.. nvm that.. well I liked the first half of the play.. there was few major actor.. but sadly that the only fella I know/recognize is the fella on kopitiam( local half hour comedy show ) Douglas.. is was good.. first half of the show was the best.. well by the time the shows over we headed over to jalan ipoh for timsum.. and head back..

and the sushi joke crack me.. wahahakeke..
what shushi A say to shushi B?
................ what's up B.. (wasabi)

What's Cooking

anyway.. after I got back home I saw a jug of cookie was on the table.. when I took a closer look some of the cookie was badly burn.. yup.. my sister making cookie.. again.. well as a good bro.. must try the cookie rite? than i found that there is another jug of cookie in the kitchen.. nicely seal.. inside all the cookie was.. pretty.. guess that one for her BF.. =.=

In another unrelated story.. one of this friend of mine was telling me that she had made “tong yun” for her BF and some how.. some ingredients was mix up and the “tong yun” taste weird (she told me this.. ) still insisted that her BF down it.. the good news was her BF haven’t tasted it.. bad news was some how he was driving us while she was telling me this.. can’t imagine how he could eat it now..

oh.. This morning I took/tahpao some cookie as breakfast.. i still haven't finish it.. who wan cookie?

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