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17 December 2005

sports are fun?

was having my batminton session this noon.. i was like.. absent for the pass 4 session.. 1½ month absent to be exact.. (yar em lazy..NOT ) humm not really.. i just had some other matter to put on priorities.. anyway batminton. ( i've noted that appear to be, that the basket ball court been occupied with some player since last two week ago.. i drop by to find some company for.. er.. lunch/dinner? ) *thinking*there wasn't any one play b4.. i was absent for some time.. things change.. no surprise.. after a few round of playing i sat down and took a rest and them(who played the basketball~er ) took a rest at the same time also.. some how i noted some different between the way we treat our game and the way they treat there game.. when ever like someone made some funny move/mistake/silly stuff.. we laugh and laugh some more.. ( and yar u guys can stop calling me n00b coz i beat the other n00b.. :D.. so em not so noob anymore.. yeah.. ^.^ ) and them( the busketball~ler) they're so serious.. like a war game.. winning is a must.. but the way i think.. sport should be treated as joyfully as possible.. dont u think so?

on other note.. adrienne called this morning.. telling me that kenne younger bro(raymond) is having his wedding ceremony & dinner this 25th.. ask if i would be joining them..
*ponder* i've to think this over..

oh almost forgot.. we dint get the KING KONG movie ticket.. :p coz i dint move my lazy ass out early to get the ticket.. so now them guys girls want a piece of me.. *run*
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