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17 December 2005

king kong..

wait why em i blogging at this hour? i was like supposed to get my ass out to get tonite King Kong movie ticket.. :| oh boy.. and there is a batminton session at 2pm.. wah.. schedule is tight.. :p

anyway since i was here might as well update.. :p

friday (nite)
drop by to breakers to a pool session with ed.. surprise galvin was there.. there seemes to be a foosball tornament going on.. and back to my game off pools.. over the 20+ game that we have.. i manage to throw out the white ball 5-6 time.. -.-"' i think they will need to change the white ball.. :p

aiks.. ed just call to asked if i got the ticket.. his fren at 1U.. so no need me to go get the ticket.. :p ish.. paiseh..

anyway where was i.. oh.. wait em done? geeeee..
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