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19 December 2005


Anyway.. *yawn* so wanna stay in bed.. not that I em lazy to get up.. just because yesterday was watching KING KONG movie.. ed called about 10+pm asking if I wanna watch it.. at 1U GSC at 1230am.. sigh.. why can u call me earlier.. u have to call Just when I got my ass back home :|.. oh.. i was doing some last min Xmas shopping for colleague at 1U and just left for home around 930pm.. so got up.. move my ass again.. reach about 12ish.. waited few min for ed, xav, paul and other..

Anyway KONG is awesome!!! Seeing him fight the T-Rex!.. man u would wish KONG was in the Jurassic park also(kidding).. :p.. there is one other things that bug me.. THEM BUG IS VERY TEH… GEEH~LIEE !!! gee seeing them in BIG size sends a tingling down my spine.. eh!ehw!.. *stomp~stomp* "and the thing with cockroach(or any other type of roach..) no matter how u flush them down the drain they still craw up eventually.." ahww :S .. well the movie still more or less followed the original.. At the end kong die.. while two reporter was saying the plane shoot and kill kong.. Carl Denham (Jack Black) say.. “no it’s the beauty that kill the beast”.. wah.. wtf.. it’s him who sealed the beast faith.. what.. :(

oh.. weather now has turn gloomy.. :( this morning was awesomely blue~ish so lovely (^.^).. felt like at the beach side.. *yawn* miss da beach.. double *yawn*
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