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22 December 2005

my hair..

ok.. its ben more than a year since i last cut my hair.. yar.. it's long.. but not that long.. yet.. just enuf to tied a ponies tail.. while on my way back from lunch today.. one of my colleague ask me why i dont wanna cut my hair? i told her that i'll be cutting my hair by the age of 30.. that's like around 3 year from now.. than she replayded .. how are u going to get a girl friend with those messy hair.. ( me.. *stunt* )..

yesterday nite phoebe called her PC dont have sound .. so i drop by her place to fix up her PC.. she also told me to cut my hair.. and other stuff like em fat~di and more tan than b4 since the last time we met.. what to do.. my new office my seat was facing a window and every morning the sun will be on my face :|.. and the FAT thingy.. i could only blame it on cige.. :p.. as most ppl gain excess weight after quiting cige.. in this case.. well some thing related~lah..
humm how long since i smoke~hur? *forgot*

and a few day ago my father come in to my room.. ask when em i going to cut my hair.. ( -.-"') ehmmm i go *silent-mode* and continue surfing porn.. haha.. kidding on the porn.. :p

ok guys i know.. i know.. u guys been complaining/telling me to cut my hair.. u know wot.. :p *bleh* no way hoou~seay.. *run*
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3 people commented:

KY said... December 22, 2005 5:29 PM

leave it long like jesus!

Vad3r said... December 22, 2005 5:29 PM


yea Black Fat Ass :p

lynnee said... December 26, 2005 1:20 AM

do rebonding *hehehehe*

or if u prefer curls, perm.