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25 April 2008


i don't like those negative feeling.. i usually avoid it when ever i come across it.. it's a waste of time to even bother to think about it.. but than there comes a time those thing just unavoidable.. it felt like its eating up a hole inside of u.. and that hole would suck in everything around your life.. i try to think of a solution.. but in order to counter them i need to get in to their head and think like them.. its like playing chess.. chess follow a set of rules both player understand and the more experience u are the higher chance u'll win it.. thus the saying "u had to beat them at their own game" govern this situation.. it troubles me to even comprehend their deviousness in this matter.. the deeper i put my self in their shoe the bigger the hole inside me get.. somehow the hole consume everything but the anger.. the anger...

image flashes at me skull.. i running toward them with two katana, roaring like the spartan.. yar i know.. how pathetic this is..
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