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04 November 2006

20061027 Friday
rather quiet week.. Not all peep are really back from holidays and still in there holiday mode.. Well.. Got msg from lynn.. She told me that there's a JD party going on over at finns@KL.. And so agree to meetup around 10ish.. Not long after that cyrus called saying he&nicole will be at IVY@HeritageRow around midnight.. Running two joint is not a big ordeal.. so I say would dropby also.. so after leaving office got home change, headed out again.. Gotten in town with lite rain alongside.. This the first time I was at finns@KL.. nice place.. Double floors with pool&fools ball table, a bar & a dj console at top floor.. Dint take note much about ground floor.. Coz I gone to top floor right after I saw the stairs.. Anyway after that.. I've made my way to to IVY around 1ish.. Cyrus & nicole was there.. And not long afther my arrival jimmy drop by with a fren.. There wasn't much to do besides the routine drinks & talks.. But somehow personal Matters gotten in the conversation.. A short moment of feeling got tru.. Oh well.. Lucky it din't stay long.. u know that alcohol & feeling don't mix that well.. anyway we drop by mamak nearby b4 we headed back around 3ish..

20061029 sunday
After few rainy days.. The Haze has subsided.. Wonder how long it would last.. Still manage to dropby the curve had dinner with justina & friends.. Afther that I find me self at GSC@1U.. Watch "the prestige" it's a great story.. with a sad ending..

20061030 Monday
The week where everyone really comes back to full work mode after a long holidays.. Anyway.. Work is just loaded.. At some point I doubt whether I'd made it in time.. Nevertheless still made it.. Sigh.. damit self note: "i'd really need to grabs the bulls by the horns if I were to really make it.".. after work drop by edmond salon to help him install a game.. diablo2(after 4yr its been release ppl still play this game???).. Ok.. Not everyone know how to install game/software.. Oh.. Well in the middle of that.. Msg from uncle ed meetup over at finns@hartamas.. and so.. Was there knows a few new ppl.. had couple of/much drinks.. Damit I shouldn't be drinking on the week day especially Monday.. *yawn* it just make it harder to face the days till weekend (>_<)
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