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22 October 2006


Now where was i..
Spend Mooncake festival over at KY place.. a hand full off ppl was there.. we had a table out side of the porch area to enjoy the (so call) moon, the sky was hazy as usual.. somehow we’re not the only ‘gang’ who was having some out door fun.. we noted across the streets there are a out door food feast going on.. some how it looks like they have plenty off food over there while all we had is just ½dozen bottle of vodka , cina teh and a dozen variety type off moon cakes.. someone suggested that one of us go and do some trading.. “vodka for food” ?.. keke.. sadly no one was up to it.. if not we’re would have some fun.. anyway.. there is also another bunch of girls across the street which just pull out there table and chair, lighting up lanterns, candle & chit chatting on there porch.. and so.. because of the hazy condition.. there no full moon to gaze upon.. chattering when on till after midnight.. and shortly after few fella retreated the sky started to give way to rain.. than the remaining retreated back to house living room to catch something on the TV.. and waited for the rain to subside b4 I went back home..

The next day I wakeup to a bright lit glass window which than I took a look at the bright blue sky.. honestly after a weeks of hazy sky its quite a surprise.. and so the entire day remain as it.. even till the night.. where I can see the full moon.. damit!!! Why!!! Sadly it just lasted for that day only..

Saturday night out
with cyrus & fren.. we're at bar savanh, i can't remember when is the last time I was here.. probably 5-6 month I guess.. Haven't been loiting much in kl club's now a day's.. Even the last kl club I went too 'sevenatenine' was more than a month ago.. So what brings me here.. Me buddy needs backup,The girl he's after was out with bunch of girl's.. And so we're there.. Getting to know them.. Than I took a look around and I stop my gaze on the bar area where I found that its mirror wall has give way to a void, they've extent the're venue. Taking over the next door place.. It wasn't that crowded as it got deeper into the night since they have much bigger place now..
And so the night grow long and old b4 we leave..

jesseca called.. she just finish her shooting and will be back to S'pore coming saturday and was determine to visit jestina new home since we're planded togo last weekend but din't manage.. and so after work i drove down KL and pick her up and headed to jestina new home that she bought.. it took us some time to find the place since i was not familiar with that area.. we're dit some catching up topic along with the tour of the house.. and was also amuse by her 8month old cat which she name "moomoo" because off her black spots on her that looks like cow (^.^)

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