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01 August 2006


How does she do it?
I mean how can she just tell me that I should be more focus on my work.. and later in the same afternoon she spends and hour plus on the phone.. tones of msn msg reply and full screen of Ms word blog essay.. and u just told me that I was slacking in the same morning..

and what’s with you with the constant teaching me stuff talk’s..
when I hand over work for senior to do checking.. and was missing a copy of the spreadsheet.. you are so quick to point out that each of this document should have two copy.. where the senior dint event say anything yet.. and I dint forget to made the copy.. its just been over looked..


well. em not sorry that I felt annoyed, when u tell me todo a few sheet of paper work.. I don’t wanna sound un-helpful but this is still yar work.. even thou both of us shared this workload.. u could just finish up yar portion of the work sheet.. instead u ask me to do the entire sheet.. with the excuse that I had already familiar with it.. it would just took 5min to finish it up.. but u had yar PC turn off and seat there waited more than 5min for other colleague (which still have work to finish..) to move away the car.. and you come and tell me to do the spreadsheet..

i don’t mind help out with extra work.. but only to those who needed..

ed note:
hold on.. she wasn’t like that in the first six month of encounter.. something must have changed.. I recall.. last month after a project that I had raise question.. and I gone to have a double confirmation with boss.. and I come back with her telling me that why cant I do what she told.. and say I would not listen to what she say, but only listen to what boss say.. #mind if i just get a double confirmations after getting a doubtful answer from u.. realize from then onward she give me the constant teaching me stuff talk’s..
*ponder* judging from her action on previous attempt to bring down her threat.. possible hostile..

~all hands brace for impact~
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3 people commented:

Vad3r said... August 01, 2006 1:36 PM

dats d price u pay for scorning a woman!

fl0rlee said... August 03, 2006 10:41 AM

Hey, judging from wat u have wrote, i'll forgive you.. is my nature to forgive ppl & not hold grudges against anyone, if you're not happy abt me, be a man & talk to me face to face.. im not angry at you, cos u have alot of things to learn, not jus u..me too..we shall always be humble at each other & learn tings fr one another.

Yea, u've done it in 5mins..but stil got mistakes.. if i follow ur advice by 'no need to check la'..den i'll be in big trouble..doin it & checking it requires more than 5mins..

is not bcos ur my junior, i bully u..or make use of u, i wan to work with you..tats y..wana gain experience while working w you. So is up to you..well, do you hv a choice?? *smiles*

i'm quite surprise at your respond towards me..but i don hold grudges against you. infact, it is interesting to get to know the other side of you. do i hv a choice? of cos..to dislike you or to do smtg about our colleagues r.ship..i'm a positive person. so I decided to be & take the positive.

If u wana look at the bad side of me, is up to u..but i don't..every person has thier own strength..i told boss b4..to look at ppl's strength not their weaknesses..the more you look at my weaknesses the more you feel frus..& wen u feel frus u wrote this post. *smiles* so why feel frus fren? ;)

u can come & talk to me anytime abt tis, im very open..hey, make tings better than keep da shit & make everyone smells like it. kekekek...

bless you fren :)

from Scorn woman/hyprocrite

Vad3r said... August 04, 2006 12:20 PM


*cough* *cough*

I need a Strongbow :)