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30 July 2006

jazz up

20060726 Wednesday
cyrus msg he got few ticket screening of the movie “the breakup” at Cineplex near the curve.. I think its call “Cineleisure”.. any how its me first time in month’s that I was somewhere near to the curve area.. the show was ok..

20060728 Friday
A start on the weekend with jazz fest that will be on going till 12 august.. three weekend’s of event to checkout.. while I was there at plaza mont kiara i drop by Edmond saloon b4 grabbing a seat at the court yard full of table’s.. and I bump into anansa and Philips..
I wasn’t gonna stay long as I had other plan.. by 945 vad3r & tbg called, we’re supposed to trop by Hennesy party@Zouk.. So ran off and meetup with them near Finnegan’s I took a quick stroll in Finnegan and saw few fren was there.. while after saying hi and bye.. bump into jo right at the entrance.. and so took a quick hi,bye & how’s things.. than em off with vad3r & tbg to KL.. While on the way I got a call from Adrienne.. she told me that someone wanna talk to me. And hand over the phone to someone.. and I took a straight shout “jesseca!” i can heard she is laughing on the other side.. and so she is back to M’sia for some shooting after year’s in S’pore..

And so we got to Zouk with vlad and other member already there.. warming up with a jug of beer that come with two hotdog?! and later inside meetup with cass, fer, ting, HM.. etc

The bands

They have even have a jazzy moment :D

Right about 1ish we got off to heritage row for some other session.. but we end up having supper there.. and a short drop by at some joint that I cant recall what’s the name :p and so.. end of a Friday night

20060728 Saturday..
wakeup noon.. take a moment online dit some blog lurking b4 going out to 1U for a movie around evening.. watched Pirates Of The Carribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest.. and got off to uptown tai~chaw for dinner and msg albert to see what is he upto.. and I end up at jazz fest “again..” :D and a great performance after the jazz thingy few of us blogger seat down dit some camwhore(and chit chat..) session b4 leaving.. after I sent albert home.. its 1ish.. 2 early to call it a night.. and so I return back to finnegans for a few drink.. other than a few regular and saw bunch off youngster near in front of DJ console.. watching them I feel so old.. after a while I got me self acquaintance with two girl’s that are at the bar counter.. to me surprise.. they are glad that I drop by coz there are a bit worry with the guy(gui~lou) sitting beside them which look pretty drunk and started to approach them.. *garhh*.. lucky me.. keke.. and so we chatted tru and drop by ss2 murni with them fren b4 calling it a night..
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2 people commented:

Jack0 said... July 31, 2006 11:22 AM

eh.. damn what?
u say DOTA.. but never text msg me.. u ffk me .i.