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04 July 2006


Lately been bombarded with so many emotional stress from people around me..

I wasn’t.. that I don’t give a dam.. wait.. I think I don’t give a dam.. keke.. nevertheless, it goes like this..

it started few week ago where my colleague that was in the phone.. than u can tell.. by the tone of voice they’re chatting.. and the frowning afterward of the phone conversation.. well u can say its not my problem rite.. but (~.^) don't u felt a tiny bitsy disturbance of force surrounding?.. so than 3 out of 5 day reoccurrence.. ear phone help a lot in time like this.. d~.~b

and than noel came out of the sudden.. he need beer.. we set down.. he pour his stuff.. *shoulder* dude.. u need to drink more.. done problem solve..? not really.. a few more beer session than.. and thanks to me.. he been drag in to MSN world(his only known to be active in ICQ..).. and so I thought blog therapy could help him(I think..).. and so intro him to “project petaling streets” and because I don’t wanna trade mine blog address with him.. so.. em yet to know his blog url.. keke..

and.. my set of problem.. she called.. 11 more day left.. and em in a mess..

than today a fren (from my college group of fren’s ) she told me she cry yesterday.. another long winded story to be unfold in me MSN..
and my colleague just put down her phone not too long ago..

there is the limit as to how much a person can take the emotional stress.. *sigh*.. gonna ki~siau very soon.. i need time to think.. need time to plan.. and my time to finish up this blog and go back to work..

and also.. germany vs italy game tonight :p
i say italy win.. what say u..
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2 people commented:

weeltoh said... July 05, 2006 2:03 PM

now i know why ur head so big...hahaha

Vad3r said... July 05, 2006 4:04 PM

fuck u la, come play DOTA :P