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03 July 2006

blog's meet

20060702 Sunday
Wakeup.. look at the time.. 1257pm.. OMG.. em late.. EeLynn msg me yesterday about a blogger meet 1pm@Sentral.. And so I got to sentral around 140pm.. 40min late (Malaysians timing *sigh*) :p..

and so I search hi and low for EeLynn and other blogger.. and so I run around Sentral and I’ve gone tru everyplace that I could find.. manage to arrive at place that I thought not existed in the station.. EeLynn was no where to be seen.. and it would be a unfamiliar crowd to look out for as I only know EeLynn.. and so I got my ass to the centre of Sentral station.. taking long look around.. and I spotted EeLynn not far away.. what a relieve.. she was late also and was calling yvy(mistyeiz) location.. and we got there.. get to meet yvy(mistyeiz) & Visithra for the first time.. and was manage to arrive few minute before she leave and had a short conversation..

after yvy(mistyeiz) left us.. we continue on with topic after topic of stuff.. and than visithra got a call.. it seems like another blogger decided to show up.. it’s anjalispeaks.. another un-familiar name to me.. anyway and so.. topic and topic endlessly been throw out to the table.. and b4 we know it its nearing evening.. and so we call it a day and head home.. b4 that got another free viewing of superman from Eelynn as she wouldn’t be able to watch the screening coz she be busy with work.. so me and anjalispeaks got them ticket..

Screen at Tuesday.. wait that mean 2moro~loh.. *aiks* lucky I double check the date.. I was thinking it was Thursday.. :p.. thanks EeLynn for the ticket :D
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3 people commented:

mistyeiz said... July 03, 2006 10:10 PM

Yo! :) Was nice meeting you although and now that I know ur blog, I can read u. Looking forward to those pix. Hope u didnt take any pix of my spare tayars!! lol :P


visithra said... July 04, 2006 10:35 AM

have fun at the movie ;)