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30 June 2006


20060629 Thursday
evening.. noel.. msg me asking where I be later.. and asking would I wanna have a drink later.. so we end up at breakers@hartamas for a drink and few round of pool.. his was a bit upset with some personal stuff.. and I was there to just lend a ear.. and after a few jug of beer and mamak we headed our way back.. oh yar.. he pawn me in da pool.. *damit*..

Geee.. dit told u that my neighborhood was a bit messy.. so I reach home.. while I was parking.. suddenly this Indian fella come out telling/explaining to me that how he waited for his gf nearby.. and when he saw his gf got back home.. there was few fella accompany his gf.. and when he try to approach her few fella (which was companying his gf) going after him/ chase him off.. he was so scare that them fella is going to rape or do something to his gf.. so he run away.. with his car unlock with his hand phone inside the car.. he was shivering at the time he told me this stuff.. he was open to any suggestion as to what to do.. so offer that I would drive up to take a lookout.. and I saw two Indian fella near the fella car.. so I sit around pretending I was on the phone and waiting for someone.. than few min later I drive off.. and I drive to the nearest police booth 1km away and asked some policemen to look into it.. so I got back to the car park where I meet this fella.. and the policemen had a chat with this fella and they when to his car.. I dint stick around to find out what happen.. *burp* dit I told u that I was tipsy/drunk at the time I go find them policeman.. lol.. ok..em off.. nighty..
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2 people commented:

weeltoh said... July 01, 2006 2:06 PM

ewwww....jack's ball is bigger than horse's ball haha..

Jack0 said... July 02, 2006 7:11 PM

OMG.. u peek while i was peeeing??? >_< shame on u..