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02 July 2006

long update..

20060630 Friday
after work as planed yesterday with noel that we go watch Fast & furious Tokyo drift.. headed out to 1U.. noel got him self some problem with his car..(can't windup his car window after paying for the toll) so he had to go to the workshop.. and me going for the ticket.. but it was a bit disappointing as the cinema(GSC) are almost full and the available seat are 3 rd row from the screen.. (I thought that most of the fella would be busy with tonight game.. Germany vs Argentina) and so I decided to try my luck at other cinema(TGV).. as I was heading down the escalator.. I noted the is some sudden wave at my left side.. I looked up and saw a familiar faces.. duh I still cant remember her name but I’ve seen her a few time while was hanging around with noel them geng.. and so I give a wave back.. and she suddenly asked if I wanna watch superman.. 0.o escalator downing.. no time to think.. so I told her I’ll come rite up and chat with her.. and so.. she told me that’s its was this “hansaplast” (plaster) promo so there giving away free superman ticket.. she got a few more ticket left.. but the movie has started 20min ago.. nevertheless I called noel its going to take him another 20min or so to get his ass over.. so the change of plan that.. as she also wanna watch the tokyo drift.. so decided i just go along to watch superman and she will wait for the letgo time of the booking ticket of the Tokyo drift if we’re in luck someone is not claming those ticket.. and so.. noel came.. we watched half of the movie.. and headed to watch Tokyo drift.. gaaaahhhh.. babe and car.. fui~yoh.. *drool* and so.. conclusion

storyline: suck
car’s: ok
babe: wow
music: cool
scene: Tokyo wor

after that me and noel go mamak dinner at uptown.. geee.. almost forgot that we skip dinner.. and at mamak all ppl was focusing at the match between Germany and Argentina.. i was expecting Argentina to kick Germany ass.. and so.. first half of the game score 0:0.. sms’ing uncle ed (his at finnegans@hartamas watching the game..) and so after departing with noel.. I drop by finnegans for the second half of the match.. and it was undeliverable game it turn out to be.. as the germany team manage to score a goal 15min before the game end so both side got a draw.. even after extra time argentina team din’t manage to break the tied.. penalty was the end for Argentina.. germany got away with 4:2 in penalty kick.. and so.. uncle ed and xaviera left afther the match.. so I stick around with other fren for the other match.. Italy and Ukraine.. ukrain was no match for the Italy.. left when italy kick in the 3 rd goal.. night

to be continue.. coffee break...
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