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06 April 2006

spend some time

so.. hows last weekend been? spending good quality time with someone or some activities?

been reading some blog update about local theatrical.. but it was over by the weekend b4 i knew it.. too bad.. anyway

april fools was around the weekend.. but i was at home staring at the monitor+online.. from the time i wakeup.. entire noon.. till i drag me ass to bed at nite.. i was too tired(mentaly) to even know what i was about todo.. and my phone dint even ring nor even an sms... where on earth is everyone?

anyway... april is here.. intresting month i tell u.. ( story reserve for next entry )

it was just dull.. as usual.. not till i msg some fren and end up at finnegans with a drink and dinner..

it's just the fullest meal i had ever felt since the last Xmas buffet lunch at down town shangarila.. we start off with salad which was supposed to be serve together with the lazania.. but since it's still being heat up in the microwave.. we all dig in.. but it's wasn't a long wait till the lazania was serve.. after that soon came the butter bread pudding.. which was (my own opinion YuMmY :p ) also nicely done..
*OMG all the cheese.. there goes the diet

oh and i got a invite from a fren to watch "When A Stranger Calls" so freebies mah go~loh.. such a stupid plot.. aint worthwhile watching.. NOT SCARY AT ALL.. all me fren told me that he cant believe he just been staring at her boobs for more than a hour plus... 0.o

as the office hour approaches the end.. one of me colleague.. she asked me help on something.. that had me stone stare at her *shock*.. for 5sec.. and looked away afterward..
in her own words;
”我要你 洗點 時間在我身上“ in cantonese which translate to "i need you to spend some time on me"
she asked whats wrong.. and i told her for a while there i was taking her word "literally".. and i got a



on the shoulder from her.. lol...
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