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19 April 2006

see my future

morning peep.. lovely weather.. nah.. its gonna rain in the noon.. see i dont need some fortune teller to tell me that its gonna rain in the afternoon.. why? maybe because its been raining in the afternoon for the pass few day.. nope.. its because raining season~lah.. nevermind what ever the reason.. than it comes to the.. what.. coz i was late to work.. and was still lucky enuf to find a parking fearly near to the office.. and right after i turn off the ignition key that this "sing" fella was passing by in front of me car and have a good look at me.. and come by me as i was about to step out of the car.. "sir.. u have a good fortune this coming few day.. " WTF.. come on i was late for work.. and u tell me that i have some luck coming my way this few day.. *imagining me self kicking this fella ass..* rite instead i just smile and say "sorry im in a hurry.. but thanks anyway.."

so u say u can see my future.. but do i wanna see it.. yar quite tempting.. but no thanks.. nope not that i dont believe u.. but em just too "chicken shit" to face it.. well..

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