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22 March 2006

hey em still here..

hehe.. i dint got lost over the weekend.. tiesto was excellent.. nothing beat a rave/big party yeah!.. enuf said.. its over now back to the old boring life .. again.. yesterday uncle ed MSN me that tiesto still got another party down under our neighbor s'pore.. mid of next month.. tempted.. but..

there is also MATTA Fair going over the weekend.. wanted to see if there is any good deal for an island get away.. this time em going alone..(or i manage to score a mui~mui~jai to go along.. tsk tsk tsk.. ) but.. weekend took a bad turn on the weather.. so was lazy to go down town..

still manage to score a movie due to last min change of plan.. watched "v for vendetta" a good movie nicely done.. but i wonder how it got pass m'sian censorship... *ponder* it carries subliminally message to viewer that at some point it inspire me too.. :|

than.. monday came.. got in office awfully late.. *sorry* but got a great news by the noon that the japan trip is a GO ! omg.. OMG.. yeah.. ~wave~ the date was 14th May 1145pm flight.. till 20th May.. goody :D.. excited indeed.. *lol* *joy* *gay*
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