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28 November 2005

sunday wedday

sunday mornig.. wakeup with a call from S.K.Y aiks~!.. its 830am i was supposed tobe at his place by now!.. drag my ass off there.. 930am bunch of us took off to pickup the bride.. 10am arrive at the designated hotel ( she is from perlis.. ) got to the room.. start banging door and negotiating the term.. some how the cleaner is cleaning up the room nearby.. hehe MASTER KEY !!! well we dit got the kakak to open the door :D but u should not get those girl angree.. ish.. god know what will be come off us.. :p well first attempt fail :p.. well angpow~angpow.. they say there is 20 of them.. so they requested to have 20pac.. (eh.. its just mire 10 of us against 20 of them? :| .. ish.. FUN everyone can take two.. yeh.. kidding) actually there just around 10 of them.. *bluff* :p.. so manage our way in the the room.. challenge time.. eh.. a note book?? GAME !!!.. ish.. what have become of us.. well rather easy game two picture spot the difference EASY ! But MUST achive Level 32... :| wtf.. well 1min-5min-6min.. notebook off.. wtf wtf wtf.. low batt??? ai~ya.. how can like that.. so since we failed the attempt they had a cocktail prepared for us.. everyone have to down it.. ~.~ “' tasted farnie *.*.. then they told us that the bride is actually next door ok.. off we have to go out again?? but there is a door connected to next room.. still they throw us out hehe.. Y.C.K wife N.C.C was there.. but some how when they throw all the guys out they manage to exclude her.. and we had her to open the door and rush in to the room(they trow us out from) while they busy going over the door connect to next room.. supprise!!.. rush ur way to next room.. yeh~! atempt success! the bride is there.. still last tasks (actually the actuall task is to ask S.K.Y sing a song.. and he dit.. but been told off by the bride at the first prase “only you~” goose bump! ) say 10 different language “i love you” hehe.. we're asian Chinese! And in a multi society no prablem!.. 11am back at S.K.Y home.. done mission complete..

ok entry too long.. contiune later..

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2 people commented:

Vad3r said... November 28, 2005 10:12 AM

eh, so how many good-looking ones u get to know ??????