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27 November 2005

the day b4.. SKY wedding

just got back from fren open house dinner..
*sigh* how come i em the one(among fren) to arrive while other took there sweet time arriving ½hour later.. somemore i've come late 45min *hummm* anyway meetup with S.K.Y parent and his other relative (oh.. I dint know S.K.Y have such lovely relative.. ^.^)

oh and by the way the food from the catering they hire is nice ^.^

for those who dont know me.. me taste usually abit errrr "out" coz my nose is not that sensitive so my taste for food will be abit out.. but this is yummy.. dont need nose to know this :D

after everyone had there food.. Y.C.K and N.C.C had to leave early back to babysit..(ah.. 'family'.. ) end up with C.Y.H, me, S.K.Y & G.Y-K(came back few hour later from..) and we started chatting.. G.Y-K told us that few week ago while he was at sabah climbing mount kinabalu.. he bum in to our add math teacher Puan Khoo.. funny thing is that he only realize that after at the end off the climbing trip back at base.. haha.. well.. last week i bum in to my classmate Y.S.Y at sea park at lunch time.. coincidence? wait this is not even related.. ~.~

from the chatting somehow the trip we took to langkawi after end of high school been bring up.. than S.K.Y show us the photo from the trip.. suddenly we realise that we somehow forgotten that T.K.Y was with us on the trip.. *strange* only after we look at the old picture that at that moment that we realize T.K.Y was on that trip with us.. ish.. it was not that long a go.. it was like 9 year a go.. oh.. how time fly..

anyway from chatting to playing "chor tai di" aka "big 2" we got the deck from S.K.Y relative after them leave the scene :D i cant believe my luck.. i dint win a single game for two hour.. not until after 1230am than the strangest thing happen i started to get some nice card.. and start winning.. till 2am i only had loose twice in that period .. same thing happen while we had played at Y.C.K place last month.. i wonder is thats my "ong" timing?? keke..

anyway.. gtg bed now.. 2moro big day.. hummm i wonder what challenge has the girls prepared for us.. =.="'
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