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04 October 2005

weary weeks

oh yar rite... haven't been free to update for a while..

all i can say it has been a weary weeks.. as there is alot's of thing had been happening..*yawn* and blogging all of them could take a while.. and i need to cut it short.. as em still have work to be finishup.. (just taking my time off work..)

so.. there goes..
i quit/resigned the current job.. just about hadded with the delayed salary and chaotic/stressful/weary working environment..
that was like 2 week ago.. it was supposed to be my last day at the end of last month.. but i've been extended for the sake of me carrying out the final undergoing project.. which would be finish by this month.. ( the saying finish what u started.. ring a bell? )..

khee yen (fren from back in high school) is having his wedding ceremony on coming Nov27.. yeh.. update: 5-10% of classmate/schoolmate is wedded..

and as for personal viewing pleasure..i've been trowing my self at Desperate Housewifes currently #10of23 (ever grateful to colleague that torrented the TV series)as for other update stargate SG1 season 9 #10, stargate Atlantis season 2 #10, Battlestar Galactica (renewed) season 2 #09 ( remember the old 70 original TV series.. omg this show is as old as i em.. i could only remember the fighter plane as i watch it at black and white TV and the theme sound ), LOST season 2 #02 (downloading), naruto #153.. oh do check out the noob who created the fan site here.. pure fan stuff.. lol..

nah.. there goes.. gtg.. see u another time..
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