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26 August 2005

puke puke PUKE puke

I wakeup this morning by the noise of car driving by.. the head was banging.. readjust the car sit straight.. a look out across the street was the 7-elevan.. *I want coffee* and a look at the watch 7am.. *aiks* -_-“ I’d better get a move b4 the traffic started to pile up.. as I was driving back yesterday ordeal start to pour in..

Meetup with vad3r, TBG, cass, fer, ting² and her fren anna(more come in later).. at decanter@hartamas I was there around 9.. haven’t had dinner.. but still manage to nab a bread along the way..

Come in grab a sit and was having a few sip on the vodka orange and than suddenly cass shoot me with “jack dam lan si now”.. *dumb-struck* what happen?? What happen?? What have I done?? Hur..?? *sigh* anyway I was not lan si ok.. half of my mind still somewhere between here and office.. :p

well we drink and some game.. ting² who later come up with a silly game to try to confuse me to loose and drink.. but end up she got her self confuse and all the shoot.. lol..

last thing I remember is that someone( a couple came) a guy and a chick.. eh.. cant remember their name.. *knock me head*..

so head was pounding.. tired.. fold my head on the table.. lose consciousness.. god know how long I was out.. than suddenly the stomach growing.. (X_x) .. I know it was going to erupt.. stand up steadily.. walk my way to the wash room.. half way till the bar counter.. *bleh* every thing was on the floor.. OMG.. they hand me a bucket.. took the bucket go toilet spill out more stuff.. aiks.. nuf say.. it was a knoc out.. shame on me.. SORRY GUYS.. ESPECIALLY THE DUDE FROM THE PUB(for cleaning up my mess)..

again I stress out that drinking on weedays and on empty stomach is bad news -_-"'
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3 people commented:

cass! said... August 26, 2005 6:22 PM

yes.. very bad news dei ;P

heavenlysublime said... August 27, 2005 7:09 PM


U're lovely!