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27 August 2005

ah soh and thief

Ah soh.. ah soh..
Ah soh.. ah soh..

(5min later)
Ah soh.. ah soh..
Ah soh.. ah soh..
Someone is stealing something from ur car

The auntie finally awake and replayed
Unfortunately the thief has long gone from the crime scene.. it was 530am.. morning.. I was at my parent apartment.. I heard the auntie calling from floor bellow us.. still I choose not to get up to acknowledge my curiosity.. until the caller mention that there’s a robbery going on..

I read from somewhere that in any case of emergency, robbery ..etc the most effective way to have ppl to really pay attention is not to shout/call out help.. but to shout fire.. u see u wont get ppl to respond more quickly to thief than fire..
Thief would just run off but fire will spread and I may add that ppl will pay more attention to the stuff that concern/involve them..

lets put back my neighbors scenario if the auntie would only shout out fire more ppl will wakeup and only than u tell them the thief.. u see more ppl more chance he’ll get caught rite? :D

anyway.. FIRE..!
kidding :p
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