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24 August 2008

me manual

life lesson... there is no manual..
wish there was.. but no..
so how? each individual took upon their experience and encounter and made adjustment.. some point in life their learning stop and follow their way/habit/routine.. its like a potter doing a molding on a spinning dish.. started with a lump of clay.. shaping it while the clay still damp and soft.. once a certain shape are set.. u hands off.. but i dont believe life lesson are that way.. shouldn't hands off.. grip on it.. there is a lesson/experience to be learn each day.. look around you.. you maybe driving the same road to your office each morning day.. but dit u notice any new shops along the road that u pass by.. that may seems not important now but maybe in the future.. but what that got to do with~.. its just a way that train your mind to explorer.. simple example.. :p

anyway writing this is to reminds my self..
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