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05 July 2008


physical , cyber and political blockade?

not been well since dinner & drinking with colleague last Wednesday.. as Chinese says body too hearty.. :S burning up.. fevered.. i don't think i'd take whiskey anymore..

anyway.. other than that me home streamyx are fucked.. called the customer service(still the record time over 10min/call.. 40% time ask u to wait.. and they are unable to ping me.. i got no firewall on!!.) .. i been having lots of timeout.. the connection speed still the same..(checked TMnet speedometer brickfield & kelanaJaya server are outoforder onli cyberjaya server are able todo the test.. ) but than the page some time would stop loading.. especially when i multi browse and downloading stuff..(no i not downloading porn/torrent/appz/MP3.. juz podcast!!!)

me aunt(she a policewoman) called me mom informing us to stay home dont go running all around as this few day there could be some sort of riot/protest around KL area.. (0_o)... but than.. i still need to work~what..
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