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19 June 2008

too well

weird & odd statement seems to pop up when u lease expected around your fren..
i wanna shit/pang~sai (long time dint heard uncle ed say this in front of me.. but i still got this over MSN..), Auntie adr said"i wanna fart"(this is lucky she dint say "i just farted"..) and it took 2sec for me brain digest the statement and by that time too late.. XD*fainted* or while windows shopping along with your female fren and she suddenly whisper to u "wow she got nice boobs" (-.-)..(of cause i looked me eye had responsibility to me brain*grin*)

and to whom i owe this entry? i had itchy finger.. kacau'd some MMJ over the MSN..

BTW.. she is at Oz.. miles away...
too well
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