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23 May 2008

XLive Genting

here is an late post..

well XLive wasn't that bad.. bump into a few fren as well.. i wasn't impress with how them managing the event thou.. i think they(event fella) should do something about direction/map.. dont know where is all 3 stages are located.. first thing i got true the spotcheck point.. me date ask me.. where is the stage.. i look around.. and *blur*.. (~_~").. even try asking a few promo girl and somehow a few have no idea also *supper~blur+sigh*.. and than.. there is no schedule/timetable.. i miss the Missy E performance.. well anyway.. partly also i was drunk to remember anyway :p..

oh forgot to mention being pinball around at the entrance and had to Q up twice is a real potong steam.. nevertheless party is still party i come to have fun~!

forgotten to publish it...
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