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25 February 2008


ok.. i got surprised.. it was late at night and quiet.. it is dark.. i dint open the light in the room.. i was doing some work in my room.. and than i turn my attention the the email just popup from me MSN and so i click the link that open the IE browser to me Hotmail.. its was another forwarded email regarding the coming election.. took a quick read.. and as i scroll back my mouse to the close button a loud "MERDEKA!!" spat out from the speaker.. WTF.. and there it was.. a ads banner.. unfold it self from the Hotmail webpage.. and the BIG Barisan Nasional(BN) LOGO was there, with a old clips of our independent "merdeka" shout.. i had disabled the "flash" player/ads or the other sound clips from making a noise from me FireFox browser.. but not in MsIE.. *grunt*.. now em seriously doubt how much Barisan Nasional(BN) spend there budget on the election .. and from where the money/sponsor they got from.. and as i know, where there is money involved there is corruption.. let put it this way.. a certain business men spend/sponsor a certain CANDIDATE on there campaign.. exchange for future government contract.. u rub mine back i rub yours.. from what i seen so far, the TV, radio, newspaper & web ads.. it must be a big sum there.. em hoping its not from our tax payer money..
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