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06 January 2008

the way

how could i stay ignorant? or maybe i am ignorant so to speak.. i tend to steer away when i see a potential trouble.. don't wanna be bother about it.. selfish? maybe.. where in my teens i decided that politics are just.. how to say.. u need a bigger fish to eat another fish.. but when u get older the world show u onli this is the way to survive.. i heard from a talks by a billionaire not too long ago.. how to be a successfully person.. just strengthen what i have been ponder upon a long time ago.. that is either u be a most good fella or most bad fella.. anything in between ur asking for trouble.. example: recent minister whom got caught with sex video.. all the good that he did just crumble with a wrong doing..

and so what em i gonna do about it?
a) close one eye live a 9-5 job earn a decent living, hope to save enough for retirement
b) be those whom stand and fight to change whats necessary
c) join in the game earn enough than off to other country

honestly i like this country & the peoples.. i just dont trust the government/politician.. for them(politician) to get where they are (they're the big fish).. imagine how many fish they had to take out to get where they are.. not a easy game to play..

and why the fuss suddenly about politics? recent CouchSurfing group that i join and the freehugs gathering.. concern over needs to have permit for a gathering.. after wot happen here and here so where is our basic human right?(Universal Declaration of Human Rights) Freedom of speech & freedom of expression? so call democratic country but with a contradictory rules/law?
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