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15 January 2008


what u think about this.. your sitting at a bus stop.. munching your carrots and enjoying a cup of coffee.. than a (worry/frighten) pregnant women walk pass u.. and to the alley behind u.. than out off the conner a speeding car come crushing to the car parked nearby u.. a fella come out of the car and walked to the alley where the pregnant women disappeared to.. and before the fella went in to the alley he took a gun out of his jacket and give u look that said "stay out of this'.. and u dreaded that what u had seen.. now u had to do something or the pregnant women will be dead.. and so u move your ass down the alley and to the warehouse.. before the guy can kill the pregnant woman u stop the fella with a carrot shove into and over his mouth.. more guy with guns show up.. shooting at u.. and so u started to shoot 'em up

the hero is Clive Owen with the england accent & stiff facial.. shooting with out a twitching a eye ..
the chic is Monica Bellucci still going HOT.. *droolz*..
the villain is Paul Giamatti funny quote "Do we really suck that bad or is that guy really that good"
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