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31 December 2007

before 2008

here is the last entry for the year.. i know that this blog has not been updated since early this year.. well i would just sum it up as a not so satisfied year and let bye gone be bye gone..

i was attending a friends wedding dinner at alorstar on the 29th and stayed a night over at alorstar town.. it was a fulfilling meet up with some old friends.. and drinking till the late night.. and sleep till the next day almost to the noon and meet up again for the lunch.. than its the split up of the groups some gone to langkawi some to thailand some headed to penang.. while on the way back some of us just dropby the the autocity along the way.. hanged around and had dinner.. and so got back to town about 12.00 morning.. so now just a few more hour it is the "2008".. how to spend this few more hour?

i love to post up some picture.. but the unstable streamyx couldn't even attach/upload/load anything larger than 0.1mb properly.. one of the reason i don't blog coz i got so potong steam from the webpage load "time out" error so frequently when i try posting some blog..

UPDATE : 20080102 uploaded photos

no image
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