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12 December 2006


well.. guess wot.. me ass are at sabah rite now.. dint i posted about this vacation not too long ago? well if u wanna know go back a few post to see wot i've posted.. wait.. em not too sure that even posted or not *grin* :p anyway.. here i em.. i got me ass here since 7th Dec.. and thats like 6nite ago.. and i'll be taking me fly back 2moro evening.. some how.. the experience was short live.. the noon that i got me ass to semporna town on a hour drive from tawau airport after the morning flight.. john briefed me about the course.. and all the diving reference material.. and i start digging in the book.. and the next morning and the next after that was just training.. practical training.. and after that was just dead tired.. getting me ass back to hostel just to lay me fat ass to rest.. and so when this finally ended 2day ago with all the hard work payoff.. and try to hop in to the next ride to sipadan island to do my 5-7 dive (1-4 was a training dive)..yesterday morning was fully book.. so it was this morning that i got me ass a place in a boat.. just when we're getting close to sipadan island it started to rain.. but it was a short live rain.. by noon the sky was clearing up.. it was just great seeing so many type of coral, fishs, shark & turtle.. far cooler that to see it in discovery channel :p.. ah well.. time to wrap it up for the day.. more photo update after i got me ass back :D
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