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24 April 2006

weekend update

usual.. stuff on the office.. despite both boss & design director are on holiday..
no.. no activities for that night.. got home sleep early...

busy my self with the same stuff that i work on for the pass.. errr... month now.. and its been progressing slooowly... abit too slow....
anyway.. finish watching Densha Otoko
oh i forgot to mention last week that i've finally finish the HouseMD 1st season.. boy that was 8Gb that took ages to download.. :p

wakeup.. busy with the same stuf.. decided to name the project "tri0" hehe.. after endless failure to made any progress on the tri0 project.. i've decided to call it a week and tookoff to 1U for a quick movie treat.. got to entertain me self.. rite.. so got to GSC and snatch me self the nearest show/time i can find.. "failure to launch" so as i left ticket counter walked not far and suddenly bump in to edmon and his bf.. we chated abit.. after that was thinking of getting some quick snack.. coz haven't had lunch and bfast.. can u believe it.. now is late noon and i've totaly skip bfast and lunch.. so took a look around.. as its only ½hour till showtime.. and there no fastfood to be found.. decided to just go with popcorn/hotdog.. so got in the Q.... oh.. boy.. the.. Q.. is .. like.. dam.. f**king.. long(time).. wei... how can this be.. they have almost the same q/counter as the ticket counter.. but twice as slow as the ticket counter.. =.="
anyway.. the movie was great.. funny + romance i give it a 7/10
after that got my ass to KY place.. and had dinner with ky, val, horng, sotong, terence & saint at ss2 paris.. and back to KY place to watch a recap of last world cup match.. gee.. worldcup is near now.. cant believe 4year ~dy
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