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27 February 2006

shit water over the weekend

wake up fairly to the noon.. loiter in front of PC for a while thinking what todo in this boring sunday afternoon after a while it occur to me that that i've not been learning new stuff nor going after any informative update.. than i declare decided to make sunday as a day of learning.. u know.. knowledge is good for yar mind.. why?.. there is a saying in chinese "live till old learn till old.." there is no limit to what u can learn.. knowledge en power our mind.. ok nuf said..

after a while uncle ed msn me if i wanna go down town to hang out while he do his shoe shopping and with TBG memory stick shopping.. and i wanted to go low yatt plaza for my weekly update.. so got off.. meetup with them.. bought my self few DVD movie and other stuff.. and we had dinner before departing our own way..

and than lock me self at room right after got home.. stright away watch them DVD that i bought.. after two movie drag me ass out of the room.. sat on the living room sofa.. tell me sister to watch her diet and had her turn over her junk food..*evil-laughed* and munch away.. than she ask if i had wash me hand yet.. she told me to wash me hand b4 taking/eating it.. she say it would taste much better.. obviously i dont buy it.. i insisted she told me the actual reason.. than she put her hand in front of me face.. *puke* OMG.. its smell stink.. REALLY REALLY SHIT STINK... so i ask her whats going on.. she told me that since afternoon till now the water is like that.. so.. i phone in to "jabatan bekalan air" to complain about this.. and they said will have someone to look over the matter..

got up around 11am.. was late(all because of friday nite excitement..) to meetup with my fren to help over his logo design...
after meeting with him we was chatting away and discussting over few planning.. b4 we know it.. it way after me badminton session.. so we decided to head over to another fren house to continue.. well.. we turn out playing mahjong.. long hour..had dinner after that continue playing till late.. got home 1am...

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