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17 February 2006

early bird

was having a short conversation with colleague regarding the're fitness membership.. coz yesterday while i left the office.. billboard accross the main road of the fitness centre near office changes from RM115 to RM89 monthly(of cause with term and condition applied..) asking back them regarding this matter they aren't to happy about the're gym earlyer entry (they joind early not with the one near our office) but still gym all around also giving new promotion rate.. they say the're not getting any new rate to there existing membership nor other benefit.. i dont know if there is anything we can do about it.. business is business.. if so "early bird" dont get the better deal out of it.. still it would be great to have something for the existing member out of this.. there are the consumer they have the first hand experience what yar gym have to offer.. there will get the word out if yar place are good or not.. no matter how good yar marketing are.. nuff said.. weekend is here.. enjoy..
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