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13 December 2005

another weekend

Gone to USJ summit to watch NANIA oh boy that cinema SUCK!.. sound would suddenly off.. eh.. not really off. But it feel like the main speaker was off for a while than on back again.. if u wanna know what I mean.. when u see the recent anti pirate ad showing narnia where they say “the sound wont as good as u see in cinema..” that’s the one.. well that’s the last time will go to summit GSC..
As for the show.. NARNIA .. its pretty ok(for kids.. ) it feel pretty much like when I first watch harry potter.. and I would like to get my hand on its soundtrack..

sleep till noon.. yar I know.. PIG.. not really since yesterday movie was over at 3am.. by the time I got back home was 330am.. sleep at 4am..
Anyway as soon I got my ass out was late noon.. gone todo my Xmas shopping.. manage to nab few Xmas present for colleague and fren before the sopping complex closes.. and gone for dinner at pan bakery near pj state.. its been a while since I had there nasi lemak so decided to drop by.. after that drop by to hartamas Finnegan’s for a regular.. jo was back in KL only for this weekend and not for the Christmas so will be meeting her up at breakers after Finnegan’s to pass her the present..

and as we’re doing our catching up some of her friend would stop by to say hi.. to my surprise there is this familiar fella stop to say hi was someone I know since a few year back while I was still loitering back in subang section 15 cybercafe.. small world.. :)

anyway after that.. drop by Finnegan’s again as the time I was going to meet jo.. Edward is just on his way over.. viera was there also soon after that paul and his wife was there too.. so drinking session continue till late

Awake at 9+am watch stargate Atlantis season 2 episode 11-12 and have totally forgotten the time as I supposed to meet up some blogger over at KLCC DOME I got there around 130 I was late 1 hour.. ~.~ anyway had lunch and chatted up abit than accompany them girls todo there shopping .. to my surprise that this year KLCC dint have there Xmas tree put on.. what had happen? There is even fairly little deco been put up..
Anyway final stop was at kinokunia..

Oh.. almost forgotten to mention that I had a another wedding to attend to at kepong.. he(edison) was someone that I got to know a few year back.. his open house tonight.. and he had his wedding earlier at the morning.. and the wedding dinner will be tomorrow(Monday nite..)
so meeting up with cyrus b4 going to his place.. and hang out abit..
Kenny called earlier that if we wanna meetup for yumcha at hartamas later.. but than kenny him self was not able to come so me and cyrus decided to call it a night.. actually I decided to call it a night coz 2moro got work.. only KL area got work selangor area was a holiday..
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2 people commented:

Vad3r said... December 14, 2005 10:18 AM

do i get any present ?

Jack0 said... December 15, 2005 12:56 AM

can i just "blanja" u some more beer.. em lazy to think wot to get anymore :|