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23 July 2012

run + run

run forest run.. yeep.. that's what playing on me head when ever I slow down to a walks..

been running for a  few weeks now.. had gone from over 50min to complete a 5 km runs to under 40min.. the goal is to get it under 30min than will go for 10km.. or maybe just go for 1hour run and see how far i'd go in a hour.. yea.. maybe running on the time frame.. gonna do that on the next run..

undoubtedly& I've concern over the matter.. for my neighborhood wasn't exactly the safest.. plus lately news of robbery case are on the rise.. sigh.. a reminder ( if u haven't know. when walking on the streets always walk facing opposite traffic.. it will give u a clear view whats coming toward you.) , there is no park nearby so the only place i can find safe enough and have walks ways/paths to run on is the giant hypermarket parking side. still no one should ever let their guard down.. lately even the safety of malls carpark with guards also get rob.. and so today i find this two curious motorcyclist just waiting nearby at the roadside.. the area is the back of the hypermarket.. along side of the shops had close.. i was running on circle.. first i run by notice them 2nd pass they're still there.. 3rd pass one of them is gone left 1.. after i run pass, by the sound of the bike i notice he started to move behind me. he was at the main road on my right side.. than i heard he move to left in to the carpark area, at that time i was more concern where is the other bike.. one should anticipated surprise.. hah.. so no 2nd bike.. good.. than i took a few quick gaze back to the bike.. he was slowly sway behind me.. so took a deep breath speed up my run than another look.. he has turn back.. note this is the back of the hypermarket.. lotsa empty carpark.. no door other than the hypermarket back door & loading bay non would be for the biker interest.. other than me.. kidna scary rite.. *sweat* after that he was no where to be seen.. you could say maybe i have over imagine this.. but hey better be safe and more alert than be sorry later.. rite than.. keep alert.. keep running.. 

run + run
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