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13 October 2005

video kill the radio star (i mean ipod)

now this won't be a surprise to some ppl when u say ipod now come with video playback.. they probably say its about time.. as many ppl for see the the out come when the ipod roll out the color ipod..

now here u are.. ipod with video playback

now the thing that bug me.. itune 6(with quicktime 7.0.3)... i was like downloaded the itune 5.0.1 few week back.. and the itune 5( 1½ month back.. ) it was like wtf.. yar i know 10-15min to download the itune only.. ~frack that.. if they decided to launchout a new itune.. they could just roll out patch instaed of the entire program.. its fracking 30MB+ leh..

nvm.. my itune finish downloaded ~liao.. :p
... installing....


had chackout the apple trailers page.. huummm new looks.. wtf.. wah.. there are rolling out some BIG (high definition) triller... the smallest (480p) 848x448~352 !?.. that size used to be "the big guy".. now (1080i)(note:quicktime open error.. so i dont have any idea whats the size of the movie file?) wah.. they thought all ppl have high bandwidth is it..

i wonder if they still use the convention link behind *.mov file.. hur?? wah.. direct download.. well looks like u can directly save the *.mov file.. *sweet* (downloading Transporter 2 trailer.. harry potter.. doom.. ) ok later.. em off to rip off some more trailer..
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  • Title : video kill the radio star (i mean ipod)
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  • Date : 10/13/2005 05:07:00 PM
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