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18 October 2005


Had 3 interview today.. { and 1 on saturday }

And every new interview I had is more interesting than previous one.. I don’t have much time to really tell u what happen In detail.. so I’ll just give some short note..

Last Saturday morning(sg buloh)
Next to a gas station near rubber plantation :|
Actually 15min drive to ikea (if take the shortcut)
Cheerful boss young designer.. mostly commercial design ( shopping centre retail/lots )

Pro: there having future expansion, exposed to commercial design,

Con: distance ( its bloody all the way to sg buloh~leh) pay so~so

This Morning (serdang)

Mainly specialize in kitchen and wardrobe.. dealing mostly with high end market/customer (expensive stuffs).. as the bos would say for dato and datin..

Pro: more in deeps/special with kitchen and wardrobe, marketing(commission 3.5) opportunity/approach.. designer had commission (1% only?).. given training using intelicad (CAD/3D software)..

Con: a (very)low basic

This Noon (desa sri hartamas)
High profile company looking ( intensively searching.. I was.. like been question kao~kao.. and a personality test.. wow.. ) for fresh designer.. been interview by a ah~moh(MD) and a design director ( this fella I must tell.. girls girls gather here.. a leng~chai to intro.. hehe.. oh.. his the "Hirai Ken" type with out the gayness.. lol.. *run-for-cover* ) scope: multimillion residential.. its in hartamas don’t expect less..

Pro: *drool* big ass customer..
(near to Finnegan’s.. yippy)

Con: they’re not going to hire me.. *sniff*
:p kidding .. they say give answer next Monday..

this Evening(USJ)
Oh.. OMG a SOHO???.. wtf.. mostly todo with residential design..

Pro: one leg kicking (can learn a lot of stuff.. )

Con: i must be nuts.. coz em consider this..

bedtime.. bed.. time.. later.. zZZzzzZzzzz
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1 people commented:

Vad3r said... October 18, 2005 9:40 AM

oh no! Lee Hom?!?! ur not kidding arent ya?? u MUST INTRO the design director to ME !!!! I WANT!!!