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10 September 2005


morning.. wakeup late.. pretty late.. thinking of calling in sick.. on second thought WTH, better finish off some of the work in hand..

well.. at office worked half way suddenly CCK tell me that account there need me to accompany dispatch to bank to collect some money ~.~ still remember last time they have me do the same thing be bodyguard.. taken RM 97~100K.. what to do since em the biggest ass in the company.. *sigh*

anyway.. taking a fresh air could do some good when the weather is so sunny ^.^..
an hour later when we got back.. got some disturbing news.. it seemes like i missed a show down.. BOSS was having his usual mood swing.. this time it was toward our department head(HSI).. regarding some delayed work..

i was told that it started early morning he has started scolding ppl on the phone and some how he was not satisfied and..

the person who supposed to work on this have taken leave.. so i have to help out.. later thera news that BOSS has order a close down on outdepartment no one can leave until further notice.. WTF?!..

½ hour ago 7pm.. HSI come and told us to pack it up and continue on monday..

oh nicely screwed saturday..
and no salary yet.. sian..

oh.. btw.. black party was FUN.. bump in to some of my (girl)friend there.. may be its ying yang thing.. u had good and u have bad.. balance?? no wonder to day so suck..

yar.. not forgetting.. fuck u vad3r ditch me half way true the party..
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2 people commented:

Vlad said... September 15, 2005 3:12 PM

You both sounds so gay fucking each other. *close one eye*