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07 July 2005

start your monday with RM100K

Was supposed to blog this in Monday well got busy

have u just go bank and withdraw RM 100,000.00 ?? well HR ask me to bodyguard one of my colleague to bank to withdraw that much amount of money (in cash..) aiks.. -_-“ its for construction site worker(salary).. ( $_$ ).. after we got the money he decided to stop nearby to pickup his laundry har?? And left me with that bag/envelope of money.. -_-“

brain storm..
what if someone come over to rob me? well give the money~lah.. like I have to sacrifice me self for a mire RM100k, some more its not my money.. *Bleh*..
what if.. I take money and run..? not going to work.. RM100k only ceh.. amount not big enough..
what if.. the colleague had swap the money and than came back to office and blame it on me cause I’m the only one in the car at that time.. : |
what if..

*knock self head* think to much..

well nothing happen the money got back to office safe and sound
so how dit u start your monday with..
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