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29 August 2009

fish pond

went to a fish pond.. it seems like lots a pretty fish.. jump in.. swim around.. and pass by this colorful fish.. we both took a deep look while i was swimming pass.. i dint stop.. moving along and found a nice spot to chill.. than notices the colorful fish with bunch of fishes start to hang out nearby.. i started to pay attention to the colorful fish.. a while later.. the colorful fish was swimming nearer now.. than we're glancing at each other momentarily for a few time.. that colorful fish seems interesting.. but funny i dint try to approach the colorful fish..

*ponder* if i wasn't doing any fishing.. maybe i shouldn't go to any ponds.. *ponder*
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2 people commented:

Jack said... September 01, 2009 11:14 AM

nope.. i should be tho.. ahhahaa..