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15 May 2009


a joke..
a group may get what's it mean.. and a few may think otherwise.. or could be the joke is on the person or the few.. and maybe its a group tease going on and you're laughing away without realize you're hurting the person or the few..

a conversation..
two was exchanging cynical remarks.. passerby may think both are not fond of each other.. both could be long time friends.. or what would u think when a female call another guy "dear" would you simply assume he would either her BF or husband? she not the only one call me "dear" in front of their husband.. you could share a comment to the person whom know ur manner.. than those comment could mean otherwise to others..

a thought..
you may wanna convey it.. you could say it, sing it, wrote it, draw it, paint it.. some may get it.. still it maybe interpreted wrongly.. or the person simply don't wanna listen to what u wanna say.. by than.. it doesn't matter what you do, the other person wont get it..

a fact
communicating one's thoughts and ideas could be lost, don't draw a conclusion too fast nor seal it.. ppl change and new fact and finding can give new meaning.. don't close your self..
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