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08 February 2009

straight ahead

last Saturday had a dinner/gathering within my high school classmate.. the organizing committees had chosen Rahsia Bistro & Wine Bar as the host of the occasion.. most of the classmate turn up.. and had invited few of our teacher as well.. honestly the food wasn't that well.. anyway the company was good.. meeting classmate that haven't seen for 13year was a sight.. we're exchanging life story and contacts.. halfway into the gathering few of me fren showed up.. their looking for a place to host a wedding dinner.. what a coincidence.. anyway.. the gathering ended right around 11+pm.. now probably looking forward to another 10year for the next gathering? or maybe sooner..

after that had to rush over to curve to attend a fren bday over at the redbox.. and got off around 330am.. thing got a little interesting while on the way back.. after u turn back to PJ from curve.. my fren car was in front of me.. just after a corner nearing 1U shopping center.. cars in front was slowing down.. it was 4 lanes road.. the far left there was a few car parked.. after much closer look there was debris all over the road and a smash motorcycle was at the right lane.. suddenly heard a "bang" behind me i quickly looked at the rear mirror.. the car behind was half cutting in from right side lane.. it got slam on its left rear by another car.. than quickly focus back to the road in front of me.. just wanna make sure em not driving into anything.. then the 2nd look on the rear mirror the car behind was flipped 90deg.. it all happen in a few second.. *sweat*
straight ahead
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