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10 June 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

doctor give u a hand and you started your first cry
nurse hand you over to your mom
mom's hand in your butt when u got naughty
dad's hand with your first drawing
teacher hand over your report card
friend's hand over each other shoulder at a graduation photo
policeman hand u your first "saman"
fireman hand over your cat that trap above the tree
politician hand off vote
boss handshake at a job well done
colleague handshake at your promotion
girlfriend hand in hand walks along the beach
wife hand in marriage
son's hand you his first gold trophy
daughter hand show you her wedding ring
grandsons hands wide open waiting for u to give him a hugs..

super hero in reality would be those people around u.. occasionally giving u a hand when u needed.. or hand you your life lesson.. now that u know what is the mean to be a super hero.. lend a hand.. to those people around you.. be their super hero..

oh.. almost forgotten
nuffnang hand over tickets to the Screening of Hancock
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